This versatile digital colour finisher provides printers the ability to create a multitude of unique full bleed applications with more efficiency and flexibility, performing up to 8 slits, 25 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass. DownloadDownload Brochure


The DC-646 eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking on fold lines up to 30 sheets per minute and also offers optional rotary tool and cross perforating modules, both with strike-perforating capabilities, for increased versatility.

With the DC-646, users can produce 21-up business cards on SRA3 paper size, slit-score greeting cards, micro-perforated coupons, direct mailers with tear-away cards, and much more.

The DC-646 comes built-in with a CCD scanner, enabling it to recall any job stored in memory simply by reading the printed barcode and automatically setting up the job. The scanner also reads registration marks, correcting the sheet-by-sheet image shift and delivering accurately finished pieces every time. Barcodes and registration marks can be easily applied with the EFI Fiery Command Workstation impose tool (Fiery System 10 or newer).


Rotary Tool Module                                                                                                      

For perforating, micro-perforating, scoring, slit-scoring and strike-perforating (across the length of the sheet)

Cross Perforating Module                                                          

For perforating, micro-perforating, slit-scoring, and strike-perforating (across the width of the sheet)


  • Speed:
    • Up to 30 sheets per minute (A4 LEF, 1 crease, two cuts and two slits)
    • Up to 22 sheets per minute using CDD scanner
  • Paper Weight: 110 - 350 gsm
  • Feed Capacity: 100 mm
  • In-Feed Paper Size:
    • Width: 210 - 370 mm
    • Length: 210 - 670 mm
  • Finished Size (W x L): 48 mm x 50 mm
  • Slits:
    • 6 standard slitter tools (2 margin slitters, 4 center slitters)
    • Optional slitter module for a maximum of 8 slits
  • Cuts: Up to 25 cuts per sheet
  • Creases: Up to 20 creases per sheet


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